Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Notes from 4/26/10 Malul Call

In order to tap into such an enormous amount of Light, we need to prepare. The more I prepare myself, the better my connection. Consciousness is everything. I need to study, yes, but also want to find someone this week that I can connect with them. Not because of any obvious reason (i.e., they’re talented / smart / pretty) but just because they are human and I know that without connections / without connecting to others, I cannot achieve anything in this life. We know about the students of Rabbi Akiva that died during this time because of no connection with each other / lack of human dignity for each other. We need to remember that this week and connect with others.

Another part - sometimes we like to feel good among our friends by putting others down but this week, think about times when you put others down and try to fix it. Think: “in the future, what can I do differently?” For example, if I know a person does not have a skill or know an answer then why would I ask them to do something or ask a certain question especially in front of others? i can't embarrassed people or cause them shame

Third part - if you think you love somebody / want to love somebody, confront them and tell them if they have done something wrong. If you are afraid to say anything because you are scared of what they will think, it is superficial love. If you really love them, you must be where you can share.

Fourth part - there are 4 levels in this reality, one relating to when we speak which brings us to the concept of “speak to a priest”. When we are using our voice / speech and using it for unnecessary things, we limit the amount of energy. If someone in your eyes is highly connected, you won’t talk to them about little, mundane things or nonsense so you want to see everyone on that level. This way, our consciousness remains spiritual (about sharing / the Light) and we speak from there - “speak to a priest” – so we elevate others when we speak. Ask yourself: “do I bring peace when I talk or do I just talk nonsense all the time?”

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