Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Malul Call 4/12/10

This week is very special – like every other week. We have the new moon of Taurus which gives us the power of healing / the power to destroy negativity within. Starting this week, Zohar portions / secrets help us to reveal many secrets. This week’s portion talks about when a person has leprosy. This disease is terrible / unpleasant but what you learn from Kabbalists – you realize people who were on a much higher level of spirituality suffered from this thing. How can it be if you are a righteous person? Shouldn’t something better come? If someone is on a spiritual level, they have awareness. When you study, you become more aware so you have more protection, yes, but as you start being aware, you are less aware of your own faults. You think: “I’m doing ok”, “I’m righteous” – that is leprosy. You think that you are protected but the point is you need to be able to see that if something wrong is happening, it is a miracle to protect us from falling from the level we are at. It isn’t something bad. Leprosy came because they were missing something in their consciousness, so they were grateful (for the leprosy). This is why it is important to tell your teacher things so they can tell you when you are wrong. The righteous people get different types of diseases for the sake of awakening consciousness. When awakened, disease is gone. If something negative happens during the day (not, God forbid, leprosy) - something like somebody didn’t listen to us / didn’t call us, we need to take it as a miracle as it takes us out of our comfort zone. Why a miracle? The Light is becoming more aware of our work. We’re having some bumps on the road – the Light is telling us we can do a little bit more here / there. Kabbalists explain that when a person does any spiritual action - uses the tools / sharing / volunteering / charity - each action creates spiritual clothing. Spiritual clothing is another layer around each of us, a protection layer that becomes more powerful energy around a person. Action relating to physical work is different from spiritual work - you must have the right consciousness when doing volunteer work.

When things do not go my way, it is a miracle. When we see life this way, we will see the Light more in our lives. Try to study and understand the Zohar, this week. This will bring more healing into our lives. The effort you put into the study will awaken more Light / spiritual clothing. Try to be in a New Moon connection this week at a Centre or online or else, meet with your teacher.

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