Monday, March 15, 2010

Malul Call Mon 3/15/10 Chodesh tov

You know that tonight – actually from now – is the new moon of Aries. It is the beginning of the year. Try to participate in the New moon event to learn about the next twelve days. It will help you to tap into the energy to help you control the signs of the zodiac. There are many interesting things happening this week but I want to share something interesting from another speaker. The question to ask yourself before Passover: how the person you would like to be will do the things you are about to do.

We all need to know what we want to be and how we want to be. How would that person behave right now? This week, we’re entering into a new book that speaks about sacrifices, which Passover is about sacrificing (really of sacrificing my own ego). The idea of Vayikra – Creator calls Moses - if you take the letters of Vayikra is like mokir, which is appreciated. the Creator shared with Moshe how much he appreciated his work, the sacrifices that he made. Most of us don’t see / hear the Light telling us how we do because we want someone to tell us. If we sacrifice ourselves / our desire to receive for the self alone then we need to know, at that moment, the Light appreciates so much our willingness. Even if the words do not come down from heaven at that time. The idea is to sacrifice / to bring closer the Light into my life by sacrificing my desire to receive for the self alone. Kabbalists also explain that we would like our spiritual work to be permanent. Spiritual work can be two ways, for example, the beginner spiritual person does work in a temporary way which is like renting an apartment – you can always move. Now is the time, though, to BUY the apartment so I am living there. It’s the same way we would like to take our work and make it permanent. We make a decision to do work of sacrificing my desire to receive for the self alone not just for one week but permanently.

When we see the person we would like to be, see without the desire to receive for the self alone. How would that person be now in every area of my life? At the start of this year, it is important to know:
1. The Light is approaching Moshe for all the sacrifices he is doing – that is for us – whenever we sacrifice our desire to receive for the self alone, we can bring the Light closer to our lives. The Light appreciates me and respects me when I do so.
2. Any time I sacrifice my desire to receive for the self alone, don’t do it temporarily, do it permanently. Step by step but permanent change. Make a permanent decision to do it based upon the person I want to be in the future but do it now.

I encourage you to see Michael Berg’s lecture – learn the consciousness for this month.

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