Monday, March 1, 2010

Mon 3/01/10 Malul Call

This past weekend we went into battle with Amalek. Now we need to
recover, which is what you do after war. Now we need a bit of
purification after the battle - fighting to be excited and happy each
day and, as much as we can, to eliminate ourselves / our "me"

This week is about purification for all the times we have been in
battle with the Opponent. Meaning, if you think you are pure, you are
not. If you think you are not pure, you are. Meaning? This weekend's
Shabbat, we will have the power to remove all negativity of what is
not pure within me, that is, when my "me" comes before everything
else. There is a residue of the Opponent still holding onto us. This
week we can break that. Break the part of us that wants the Light for
ourselves and not to spread it. Today, Monday, there is still the
energy of Purim - they're still celebrating in Israel - we can tap
into it. It is also the 15th day of the month of adar which also makes it a
very powerful time. Make a decision today and nothing can enter but
you have to do the work. You want to do the spiritual work (scan Zohar, make
connections,..) in a way that puts you in a place where you cannot
believe that you have such a merit / blessing, appreciation,awe.. to be able to be
involved in such a work while at same time believing in your strength,power to create,
knowledge that a spark of the Light is within you. The Opponent wants
to hold us in two ways: (1) Guilt - I am nobody / nothing / zero and (2) Ego - How amazing I am,
great person,talented.

We must feel like we are a pure spark of the Light but, on the other hand, we are just dust / nobody.

If we always do things in these two ways, Satan cannot be a part of it. If you do either/or, he will get you.

We need to have purification of really doing the work. Be in two
places. Be excited.

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