Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Malul Call 3/22/10

It is a week of more cleansing. Cleansing what? We need to remember that next week is Passover. I recommend study / reading / talking to your teacher so you focus more on what you need to be doing / thinking next week.

This week, remember we’re about to enter a great Light - “Light of greatness” – we need to remember that. We’re always focused on our smallness. We need to think big, bigger even than ourselves. We enter into a time this week when Kabbalists explain that we need to think about a concept – who is the Creator of this reality? Think from a parent’s point of view. How many kids really know who their parents are? How much does a son / daughter know a parent? Not much really. We don’t know them. Our kids don’t know us. We know the action that a person takes, that’s how we know a person, not by who he is. We judge by what they do, which can be for the good or bad. How do we judge the Creator so we know who he is? Obviously, as we learn in Kabbalah 1, we will always have a limited perception of who He is / what He is about which is why we study Kabbalah. Each one of us needs to think about this. What is the Creator about? How is His work? Like He is our parent so “who is our parent?” The second part of it – when we do spiritual work / acts of sharing / use the tools / go to class / go to Shabbat without knowing a little more about the Creator, those actions are religious actions. Religious actions are limited. It is like idol worshipping. We think the Light wants us to pray everyday / be good everyday and that might be good but it is only through our mind so it is limiting. When we think about the Creator within our own mind, we put limitations on the Creator / on what He gives.

Look at the universe / at nature – how amazing it is. Take the time to focus not only on what’s not ok but what is ok, what fascinates you. Think about unexplainable / illogical things – that’s where the Creator is hiding. In our minds, we want to think about the way things should be. That’s us not the Creator. Each one of us needs to have a real relationship with the Creator. Start to know Him. Any time you do any spiritual action this week, involve the Creator. Do it because when we come into Passover next week, we’ll only be thinking of ourselves and we don’t want that. We want to think about what the Light wants to share / what it’s all about.

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