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Last Shabbat we read the portion Ki Tisa which ended with Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the second set of Tablets. The Tablets need a worthy place in which to be contained. The Tabernacle that was constructed before Moses first went up to Mount Sinai to receive the Tree of Life technology were not fit to hold the Tablets. The original Tabernacle was constructed with the consciousness of the Erav Rav.

In the portions Vayak’hel and Pekudey we again construct the Tabernacle according to the specifications in the portion by craftsmen who were pure channels. The people chosen for the construction of the second Tabernacle were chosen because they had an endless desire to receive and share.

On the face this is a story impossible to enjoy: re-reading all the details on how to construct the Tabernacle. The deeper meaning however is of great importance. Here we learn how to purify ourselves, reach our individual potentials, develop sensitivity, become a pure channel of the Light: Connect to the Light for an everlasting, endless, blessing for each and every one of us to bring to our families and extend to all of whom who come in contact with us. We learn how to endlessly maintain the blessings so we welcome all people who come into our presence with a smile on our faces. We desire to become that person others ALWAYS come to when they encounter an obstacle in their connection to the Light and require assistance, guidance. We also learn how to learn.

To accomplish this we studied Vayak’hel sections 61, 62, 96, 97, 180 and 223 of the Zohar. We then re-visited Ki Tisa section 54 and connected it to section 28 of Vayak’hel.

Section 61:

We need to be able to break the feelings of obligation and responsibility. Any time someone or something comes your way, learn to look upon the person or situation as a gift from the Creator, an opportunity for you to reveal Light. Never ever see things as an obligation, requirement or responsibility. See everything enthusiastically as an opportunity to grow and transform. Bring excitement to the situation because of the grand opportunity top reveal Light, not because you “have to,” but because of an endless desire to reveal Light.

What is transformation? How do you see the same person, whether it is your spouse, your children, your mother, your father, your boss, co-worker, etc. when you see them all the time? Do you always see them as the same from one day to another? Every time you see someone, you must see them as a new person. If you want to open doors in your lives, you must see the person as if that person is a new person each and every time you see them. The Ari, Isaac Luria, explained in his book of intentions every part of the second a completely different energy exists.

Every second a different energy, a different aspect of the Light, is revealed. This is the key to unlocking the door to your heart.

Satan is always there telling you that you have “been there, done that,” experienced this all before. Satan tells you that nothing is new, you have encountered this person, this same situation times before and it is nothing special, different. When you encounter the same problem over and over you are not transformed. It is all about your perception. When your perception is that everything is always new then you open the door to your heart to let in the Light.

The Ari explained that our job while living in the physical plane is to play the game, “hide and seek.” The Light hides as there are sparks of Light hidden all around us. We must find these sparks and elevate them. There are 320 sparks of Light available in the process of correcting your Tikun. When you have elevated 288 of those sparks you have reached the critical mass to experience heaven on earth: removal of death from your life and the experience of Messiah. Whenever you see something, someone as the same, you are missing the opportunity to elevate a spark of Light.

Only excitement can bring you to the consciousness required to see these sparks of Light and elevate them. Our brains are slaves to our senses. The five senses act as limitations. When you close your eyes there is nothing you cannot imagine. But when you open them, there is only limitation. The human being is the only entity in this reality that has the ability to elevate the sparks of Light. If you do not see every second of your life as “WOW,” then you are acting out of obligation, you are being religious, you never will be able to transform.


We need to have compassion for others. The amount of compassion you have is an indicator as to how asleep we are as we live our lives, how much true attention we are paying to the world around us. Compassion is an active approach to life. When someone is going thru chaos and you do not feel their pain you are not connected. In order to communicate with that person, you must be able to feel their pain, understand and relate to what is going on with them. Only then can you assist them in elevating their sparks of Light. You must go outside of yourself, put yourself in their shoes to be of assistance. It is about them, not about you. You must beg from within to have the compassion to see thru their eyes and help them.

As easy as it comes, you can lose it in a second. A doctor’s job is to help people. How often do they feel compassion for their patients? How often do they see their patients as “cases” and not as individual human beings going thru the things they are going thru? How much can they really help? A man who had a massive heart attack when being released from the hospital was told by his doctor that he should not lift anything heavy. At the following Shabbat, the Rav knowing of the man’s condition, had him carry and sit holding the heaviest Torah. When the man went back to the doctor to arrange for his surgery the doctor was amazed. The man had no evidence whatsoever of having had a heart attack. True compassion using the tools can accomplish much more than an uncompassionate 1% solution.

Section 96:

This section discusses the potential journey of the soul after death of the physical body. These are the levels of cleansing the klipot from the soul to prepare the soul for its next incarnation in the physical world. The klipot, most of which are from this lifetime, can only be cleansed when the soul is not attached to the physical body. These are the laws of reincarnation. Our souls agreed to a bargain before incarnation. Our souls committed to do better than in the previous incarnations, a promise to grow and do better. If you are not growing, you are moving backwards. Everything in life needs to move forward. If a soul is not accomplishing the next level, not moving forward, then the soul leaves the physical body for cleansing before its next incarnation.

If a person comes into this world three times and does not change, then the soul can never come back. The soul only merits reincarnation if it demonstrates that progress and advancement are being made.

A soul can complete its correction in one lifetime. We need to wake up and study the levels of cleansing. We need to change, transform. Changes from fear are not real. There needs to be a true desire to change, transform for the change to be real. First is the ordeal of death where we go thru a tunnel to reach the Light. Second all the negative actions you created are paraded before you, not a pleasant experience. Third is when we enter the grave. Fourth is the ordeal of the grave. Fifth is the ordeal of worms eating the body which is very painful as a small part of the soul is still attached to the body. Sixth is the ordeal of hell. Seventh is the ordeal of the spirit, where the soul roams above the world without a resting place until its deeds are purified.

The goal of the Kabbalah Centre is to give everybody the tools to remove death, create immortality in an unlimited way. In the endless from which to soul starts and ends its journey everything exists in the same moment. There is no time between cause and effect. On the physical plane there is time between cause and effect for the chance for mercy to enter. We find excuses in this plain to say no to the Creator. In the endless there are no excuses. You feel the effect at the same time as the cause.

What is our free will? It is the choice we make to either give the sparks of Light to the klipot or to the soul. Why is pain cleansing? It pushes you forward from an uncomfortable place. The klipot prevent you from reaching the soul. It is the klipot that feel the pain. Pain is illusionary to the soul, it is only felt by the klipot. Anytime you have an argument, a career problem, a relationship problem and feel the pain, it is the klipot that feel the pain. The pain is an illusion to the soul.

Section 97:

King David lived exactly 70 years. Why? Adam lived for 930 years. King David was given the 70 years Adam needed to complete a millennium, 1,000 years. King David knew his purpose in life. King David appreciated every moment of every day and only slept 17 minutes a day. He made sure to stay in consciousness and felt the pressure to meet his expectations. Every moment was devoted to completing his Tikun. Our only obligation is to complete our Tikuns. When chaos takes over a person, you cannot reach them. They cannot be helped until the chaos stops. It is like a train. You cannot board or deplane the train between stations. You must wait until the train has reached a station.

Any time we are complaining we are creating more negativity, more negative angels. We are creating clouds of chaos that will eventually rain a painful rain upon us. We need to chose now not to fall into negativity. We must make the choice not to feed the klipot.

Section 180:

One of the most powerful tools we have is Shabbat, the 25 hours beginning with sunset on Friday night. It is the one time each week when there is freedom from Satan. Satan’s hold, the fear we feel, our anxieties all vanish during Shabbat. Satan resides in Malchut or Yesod to prevent us from connecting to the upper dimensions. On Shabbat we can reach the upper dimension of Binah, the eighth level. Drugs can also connect you to Binah, but in an unprotected way. With drugs, since you did not earn the elevation, you get burned from the short circuit. You need to build the proper vessel to receive the energy.

The Hebrew word Shabbat is spelled, “Shin, Bet, Tauf” The Shin is the Hebrew letter representing the three-column system, the three patriarchs. . The word spelled by “Bet, Tauf” is “Bat,” the Hebrew word for daughter. “The daughter is crowned by the Patriarchs” in order to draw down the energy from Binah, which is the same as the world to come. Each week we get a taste of the world to come so we know the feeling of being connected to Binah. We need to have that feeling so we know for which we strive. If we do not know how Binah feels we could not attempt to attain Binah during the rest of the week. To connect to the upper worlds you need to use the three-column system. Binah is a warehouse of energy. Connecting to Binah gives us a chance to recharge our soul without the interference of Satan.

It is a merit to know the true meaning and reason for Shabbat, an opportunity to connect to the higher worlds without Satan. If you do not use the gift then you lose it. Shabbat is universal. Shabbat is for everyone, not just Jewish people.

Section 223.

A tremendous tool we use to cleanse death from our lives is the Torah. Remember when we were discussing section 96 how the Rav used the power of the Torah to completely heal a diseased heart. When shabbat ends on Saturday night we should already begin to prepare for the following Shabbat. At Mount Sinai, where we received the Torah, there was no limitation, no death. The mutes could speak and the deaf could hear. There was immortality and no limitations from the physical plain. There was pure unity and love amongst all the people.

We need to decide to become a pure channel for the whole world. We can bring the consciousness of Sinai to our world today. Each week can take another step forward in removing death and pain and suffering from the world.

Our skeptical mind will seek the solution from the doctor in the 1% when the true answer is in the 99%. It is our consciousness as demonstrated by the Rav. We need to break the logical and receive the illogical.

Section 54 of Ki Tisa and Section 28 of Vayak’hel:

Section 54 is so important that we should constantly study its message. All the friends of Rabbi Shimon needed to have loved each other. When they did not love each other cause pain and suffering to themselves and thus the world. The lack of love amongst us can cause us to leave this world before our times.

Love and Light!


  1. I agree with you! I saved this so I can read it every day for a while. There is so much here.

  2. I just became aware of this blog from a friend on facebook. Although I did not yet have time to read everything here, what I got to read was a special treat. Thank you. Shabbat Shalom.