Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mon 1/25/10

This week we can connect to clarity based on the following events:
1) Tu Bishvat (festival of trees)
2) 72 Names of God
Miracles happen when we go outside of ourselves just as the tree grows against gravity.
Rav Ashlag shares this concept:
How does a person develop true faith? "Simple faith" is an easy belief in the Light. Even skeptics can be convinced of the existence of a higher power.

"Complete belief" is to achieve "Private supervision". This is where the angels are obeying us and helping us with our challenges. The hard part is staying with this when things do not work. We need to understand the payment and reward; the cause and effect; the fact that there are consequences to my actions.

It's our challenge to develop "Private Supervision" with the tools. With the 72 names knowing that I need to do work and create. Only then will I have miracles in my life and certainty about the Light.

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