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Trumah 2/20/10

Trumah – Volume 11 Verse 39
How do we know that the Holy One, blessed be He, wants him and places His dwelling place in him? IT IS when we see that the desire of the person IS to endeavor to pursue the Holy One, blessed be He, with his heart and soul and desire. We are certain then that the Shechinah dwells there. Then we should pay in full to befriend him and to learn from him. About this, the ancients said, “… and acquire for yourself a friend.” You must buy him for a full price in order to merit the Shechinah THAT DWELLS IN HIM. This is how far it is necessary to pursue a righteous man and purchase him.

Here the Zohar speaks about how to know who truly carries the Shechinah, which is the Light Force of the Creator, within him; a person, when we see that the person possesses the Light, we need to run after and connect to and study from and be around.

First we need to address the whole concept of the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal, as we have learned, is that teachers will no longer exist; everybody will connect; everybody will have a total awareness – without curtains – of the Light of the Creator, of all the teachings, of all the wisdom. No more curtains and blockages. We will see everything clearly and, as a result, we will tune into the Laws of the Universe; we will tune into that reality we call the Tree of Life reality where nothing is bad and there is only good: Heaven on Earth. That is the ultimate goal—and we will not need any teachers, any assistance, any bridges.

Nevertheless, until we get to that point, since we all came from one soul, we all came to this world to assist each other. There are always poor and rich, wise and less wise, powerful and powerless. In many areas in life we actually all complete each other with our piece of the puzzle … until we reach the critical mass when we will all be able to connect.

Until that time, we do need to search and to look for somebody who—just by being in his midst, being around him—can inspire and awaken our consciousness … not that we are going to receive the Light through that person or that simply being around that person will help us to connect and to plug in to a higher way of thinking.

It is also asking how we will know that that person really can be an inspiration for us. The Zohar teaches that it is when we see a person who runs and craves after the connection to the Light of the Creator, when we see that person who truly desires and craves and nothing stops him from getting to that connection (and if he gets that connection, he will run after another and another).

The indication that a person is truly connected is not because he is sitting and has a wise face, and not because he appears smart and he has so much information. It is to look at his level of craving and looking for the deeper connection and the higher goal, and effecting more change, and touching more people, and he is never satiated. He is looking for the next level and the next level and the next level.

Take Rav and Karen Berg as an example. They were and still are unstoppable. And it does not matter how many people they have changed, how many lives they have touched; there is always that craving, “How can we touch more? How can we affect more?” And at the same time, to this day they take pause, in a state of wonder about the amazing Light and energy—like a little kid, for the first time.

That is our problem. Often when we just do things because we have been exposed for the first time to spirituality, we are amazed: “Wow! What a connection!” But do we have the same type of excitement 20 years later? Do we crave another spark of Light from the same tool, from the same Ana Bekoach, from the same words of the Zohar, from the same meditation again and again? THAT is the indication of true craving.

We can also easily be misled by people around us because they appear smart and wise. Are they truly looking for the opportunity to grow, to change, to do more, to touch more, to have bigger goals?

So, that is the concept of getting closer and doing everything in our power. It says that we have to pay any price, but it means that we have to make any effort to get connected to a person like this. The Zohar is teaching about technology here—the technology of connecting to the Light by being around people who get it and crave it. It is not technology; it is another tool to be able to plug in.

But do we not teach in Kabbalah that it is all about “ME doing it by myself?” Yes, that is part of the technology. For me to do it by myself, I need to identify those people that by just being around them can help me to do it by myself even in a bigger level.

One of the indications that those people are real is that they do not need our appreciation or respect; they would actually rather not have it, because if they have any ego from it and satisfaction from it, then they are not truly craving growth, they are not truly craving transformation, and they are not truly craving effecting bigger change in the world. They need this little satisfaction, and that is an indication that they are not the right people.

It is also another technology to run after those who have a higher consciousness than we do. As a result, it will rub off on us and it will affect our consciousness.

Let’s take this week to look around us and see if we’re truly chasing and craving to be close to those kind of people. Let’s also take time to get closer to those types of souls. Even if my ego doesn’t want me to be around greatness, my soul does!

All the best


The portion of Terumah begins with Hashem directing Moses to collect from the Israelites the required components for them to construct a Tabernacle in accordance to the directions given in the rest of the portion. “And they built a Tabernacle and I will dwell within them.” While we are given the instructions to build a Tabernacle in the physical world, what is discussed in the Zohar is the metaphysical building of the Tabernacle and the Temple within ourselves. The physical Tabernacle is a tool to draw energy into our physical world. The Tabernacle within us is the way for us to draw the Light of the Creator into our life. In order for us to have a Tabernacle, a Temple within us, we must have an open heart.

Once upon a time a man thought that he could fool the Kabbalist who lived in his village. He approached the Kabbalist with a live butterfly in his hand with the intention of asking the Kabbalist whether or not the butterfly was alive. If the Kabbalist would respond saying the Butterfly was alive, he would crush it in his hands and kill it. If the Kabbalist responded that the Butterfly was dead, then the man would release the live butterfly to fly away. The Kabbalist surprised the man by responding that the life of the butterfly was “In your Hands.”

The Kabbalist taught a very important, but simple lesson, the choice is ours. The choice whether we live a life full of Light or one full of chaos is ours to choose. If we choose the life full of Light we must build the Tabernacle inside ourselves. The key to constructing the Tabernacle within ourselves is opening our hearts. This is the theme of the lesson we learned: We choose the life we lead and if we choose the life of living in the Light we must open our heart.

To learn this lesson we studied sections 36-37, 38, 39, 41, 714-715 and 888 of the Zohar portion Trumah.

Sections 36-37:

If I want a true, real connection to the Light, I need to have an open heart. A lasting connection only occurs when you are using the three column system. An open heart is by definition the used of three column system. For you can only open your heart by applying restriction, thus connecting to the central column.

Any time I receive without making an effort, doing the work, it will be very hard to keep. Most likely I will lose what I have received. I will only have it temporarily. Even if it is a gift, will I be able to hold onto it? Few things last forever in the 1%. We tire of relationships. We put ends to everything. This is an indicator of the impure spirit within us. If we were pure we could tap into the eternal power within us and achieve the immortality that is there for us. We must pay the full price for everything in order to hold onto it. The impure spirit always is attached with something we get for free. We do not care for that item with the same care as when we earn that item. Things we receive without effort, without an open heart, we cannot hold onto. An open heart equals balance. Our biggest fear is the fear of losing what we have. The fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Empowering the fear takes you away from the Light of the Creator and you will lose it.

We need to have more people in our lives. A true effort needs to happen. Only when we make a true, full investment in life can we receive with an open heart and hold onto our gifts. The mind and heart must work together in order to properly receive and hold onto the things in our life. We can lose it in a second. Our heart can stop in a second.

Nothing in the 1% can bring the desired results. The real indicator is how much I am letting go of the ego. Work done on the 1% level will only yield results in the 1% reality, not in the 99%. An open heart is when you are really, truly happy for someone else’s success. How can I welcome more people in my life? When I want to build that real temple inside of myself. PLEASE take this seriously!! Everything that comes to us this month is to increase the goodness, happiness in my life. It doesn’t matter how it looks, it is ultimately for the good. It is constant work that yields permanent happiness and not just momentary pleasures.

Section 38:

Our heart is like the heart of the creator when we are doing, taking his actions. Why am I giving? Is it because I am told to do so, because I have obligated myself, because I have made a commitment? If you do not have the desire, joy and enthusiasm when giving, then no good will come from the giving. You need to have an endless desire to receive the endless, to hold onto your gifts.

How many people really change? How many truly build a balance within themselves? Few people really transform. If we have fear to open our heart then we will lead a life of chaos. There is no temple within. When there is a temple within people are attracted to our energy and we want people to come to us so we can nourish them.

Section 39:

Even when we lack of certainty, we must stay excited. When others are attempting to hurt me, I stay excited. Even if the excitement is not natural, act as if, fake it till you make it. Excitement expands your vessel and allows you to receive more Light. When you are not excited it is an indicator that you have broken the connection with the Light. Do not have guilt about not being excited. We need tremendous desire, excitement to change. I need to go all the way. I must be constantly excited.

When you see a person who is excited when they are going thru bad times, then you know the Light is with him. You want to be around this person, you need to around this person. You should pay whatever it takes to be with this person. We want to be busy with that person in order to gain the Light of the Shechinah. Hook yourself to that person, chase after him. Each and every one of us can excite each other.

Section 41:

This is one of the sections of the Zohar that is the foundation of the reason the Kabbalah Centre exists. When you hold a wicked person’s hand, you show him the path to the Light. Showing the person the way to connect to the Creator reveals the greatest amount of Light in the world. This gives you the ability to have the greatest amount of wealth. You can no longer be judged! You can enter any gate. You gain all the possible protection that there is available in this reality.

Strengthen the connection of the people around us. You cannot convince a person about the Light by talking, confrontation. You can only convince a person by showing them the Light. Show your enthusiasm, your excitement. You must learn how to deliver the message without coming across as preaching.

Pisces is the astrological sign that embodies harmony in communication. Use this energy in your relationships this month. We have the most trouble communicating with people who are closest to us.

There are two steps in properly communicating with people. First: Where am I coming from? Second: Where is the other person? Is that person really listening? Too often when we are attempting communication we are using our heads and not coming from our hearts. We are concerned with who is going to win the confrontation. This solves nothing! We all actually lose! There is no purpose in this communication. Maybe you will prove something, but it will not last.

What are you really trying to achieve in the communication? What is the purpose you are trying to accomplish? In order to have real communication you must learn to walk in the other person’s shoes. You need to understand what the other person needs for them to understand us, listen to us. We need to increase the love and care for others.

The Light wants to give us so much this month, so much more than we are looking to receive. The highest level, the level that reveals the greatest Light is to help someone else defeat his evil inclination. Remember you have merited the opportunity to be a part of the Centre.

Sections 714-715:

When I do not have happiness in my heart, I cannot connect with the Light. My actions are less effective.

When the owner of a restaurant, or the chef is angry, do not eat there. Their negative energy will infuse the food with negative energy.

Why are you not happy? You are choosing to disconnect from the Light. Learn to fake it until you make it. The only true happiness comes from the Light. You need to change your mood. No matter how difficult, beg for the Light of the Creator and become happy.

This month we have the opportunity to infuse happiness in the entire year.

Section 888:

Moses never died. He just moved to another dimension. When anybody “dies” it is only from our perspective. From the “dead” person’s perspective he is still alive.

The person has just disappeared from our view. Most of my fear is in disappearance. Nothing really disappears. When things seem to disappear to you it is because you are living in the 1% Nothing disappears in the 99%. When you have “lack” you are not connected to the 99%.

Everything in the universe is made of the same energy. Things are just in different phases. When you do not see the Light in everything is when Chaos comes into your life. If you do not ask where you are going, you are never going to get there. Do not waste time doing things without happiness.

Love & Light

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  1. A higher ME is a warped sinning ME.

    "But do we not teach in Kabbalah that it is all about “ME doing it by myself?” Yes, that is part of the technology. For me to do it by myself, I need to identify those people that by just being around them can help me to do it by myself even in a bigger

    A higher ME is a warped sinning ME.

    Gen3:4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
    6 So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.

    None seek after God but seek God's benifits, In this way we warp the image of God and worship the creature instead of the creator.