Monday, February 15, 2010

Mon 2/15/10

This is the new month of Adar - an exciting and happy time.

Specifically for this month, for this week, for Purim which is next
weekend, there are three points to think of:

1. One of the stories for this time explains that when the tabernacle
was built - the place of prayer - the history is that it was built
with gold inside and out. If it was covered on the outside with gold,
why is there gold on the inside? The importance relates to every
person's life, to understand that however it looks on the outside, it
must look on the inside. We cannot be concerned only with the outside.
That is the point of Purim, to remove the masks from the outside.

2. The story talks about the Candelabra that was built, how it was
built - from one solid metal. In our lives, we see things as
fragmented, but everything is built on one action. Everything is
connected. If we grow enough, we see that every decision we make today
or tomorrow gives results even if it is three years later. BE HAPPY NO
MATTER WHAT and the effect from this decision will manifest in your life.

3. The Creator said if you build a temple, He will dwell in it. The
temple is within you. We all have a vessel which is inside - internal
not outside - it is the heart. People in life have difficulties like
coming to a place where we need to make a decision and the mind cannot
function. We need to open our hearts and ask for help. We need to
recognize this week that our hearts are not open to help.

To summarize these points:

- First, we cannot live a fake reality. Inside and outside must be
connected. Outside cannot be fake and inside real.
- Second, everything is connected. Make a decision to be happy today as
every decision is connected so this decision will affect my life.
- Third, the vessel is in our heart. We begin with a thought in the mind
and it moves down to our heart. That's where everything manifests.Make the
decision to be happy for no reason and the Light will provide you with the reasons.

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