Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mon 2/1/10

We are entering a time where we can listen relative to our own personal transformation.

The story of Pharoah's servant following the Israelites illustrates how one may have a connection to wealth and personal notoriety yet not connecting internally deems all of the external treasures temporary. He had all of the riches one can imagine yet realized that this was all fleeting without internal transformation.

This week's message is about:
1) Parting of the Red Sea (for us personally) and 2) Addressing Amalek- working against our evil inclinations and doubt.

Internal Amalek (Satan/ doubt) has one task- this is to make sure that we are not excited about spirituality. We are more intrigued with doing business deals (we feel more of a rush) than performing acts of sharing. We need to create excitement and awaken for the light to come in. We need to know that Satan/ Amalek's message is "It will not reveal light, so why don't you forget the sharing". Additionally Satan's message is "You deserve the recognition- strive for it". We need to establish a "point in the heart" and awaken light through recognizing the Amalek force.

1) External life/ personal wealth is not lasting unless a person has addressed the internal war with Amalek. These fortunes have no continuity, will not remain unless we establish spirituality.
2) Awaken "Point in the Heart" and defeat Satan. When we see miracles around us it pushes us to do something- to become connected to awaken light.

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