Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mon 2/8/10

The key point for this week: REINCARNATION - most of us do not
understand the magnitude of Reincarnation. That requires more in-depth

How can we start seeing things in our lives?
Most of us are not ready to see cause / effect in our lives - what we
cause to others, to ourselves. There is an energy that protects us
from seeing it so we won't get scared of what our actions cause. We
are so powerful, we don't know.

We praise and appreciate everything we receive in life when we receive
it. We must try to always see the good and the bad. As soon as I see
the good, I need to see that so much good comes because the Light
wants to share with us. It is easy to say "thanks" when we see /
receive the good. We want to get to where we see how negatively we
behave. If we want to draw gifts into our lives, we can't just see the
good that already happened and say "thank you". We want to see that we
are the cause by seeing how judgmental we are - not to put ourselves
down - but to see ourselves the way the Light sees us. If I can't see
it, then the Light that comes into my life is limited.

So there are two points from all this:

1. I realize that the only time I appreciate the Light is when I see
or receive a blessing in my life
2. I want to work up to the level where I realize the depth of my
negativity / how low I am and how low I think of others. The level
where I see how judgmental I am and my own power in being the cause.
To the degree that I see how far I am from the Light is how much the
Light wants to share with me.

The Light can share with us only when we see our negativity. The more
we see our negativity, the Light can expose us to our life's purpose
and what we need to do.

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